Charming Hotels in beautiful park

Charming Hotels in beautiful park

Today we often talk about charming hotels but the term is commonplace only for a few years. What do you know about charming hotels ? Charming hotels are a modern concept, though sinking roots in the old refurbishment facilities.

Current charming hotels are places where refreshment is experienced in luxury, with a full immersion in wellness and exclusive 360 ​​° services.
These luxury accommodations have generally few and large rooms, swimming pools, open spaces and spa, given the growing importance of wellness.

Charming hotels are usually surrounded by greenery, in a beautiful park or perhaps near woods and hills. In other cases, the scenic location of charming hotels offers a wonderful sea or lake view.
The Spa of charming hotels are modern and elegant, with Turkish bath, sauna, whirlpool, jacuzzi and exclusive treatments by highly qualified staff who are ready to assist you.

Each structure is designed in the best respect of the local community, the natural environment, culture and traditions of the host nation. To ensure this, charming hotels are usually made with minimal environmental impact and are able to produce electricity and water autonomously, using renewable sources and purifying sea water.
Charming hotels also favor local development, contributing to the revival of the economy of places as well as sustainable tourism.

In Italy, charming hotels are a well-established reality that allows you to combine your holiday with nature and discover uncontaminated and beautiful places. The favorite regions of the tourists who choose charming hotels as accommodation are certainly Umbria, Tuscany, Lombardy but all over the Peninsula you can discover these hidden treasures, especially in southern Italy where the crystalline sea lays the coastline and enchants. Few suites but of true excellence, limited special offers, seasonal promotional packages, delicious gourmet menus: charming hotels really represent an invitation from as early as possible and leave behind the routine of everyday life.

Charming hotels are truly a different way to go on holiday, thanks to which you can learn more about the culture of a place, its secrets and its oldest traditions. Those who choose this type of structure therefore want a pleasant evasion to live and remember over time.


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